No buses for Boxing Day Football Fans, why?

Nottingham City Transport is running buses on Boxing Day for the first time since the mid-1980s.

We do not believe it is acceptable to force our staff to work on Boxing Day (or Christmas Day, New Year’s Day) as these are recognised national public holidays and we believe it is right to allow our staff to spend these important days with their friends and family, especially when most of our staff work unsocial hours on the remaining 362 days of the year.

We recognise lots of people want to travel on Boxing Day for the sales and that also means people have to travel to get to the shops to work, which is why we’re running a core network of 17 routes between 6am and 6pm. Full details here.

Our Boxing Day buses are being run with volunteers, which meant we had to make arrangements with staff several weeks in advance to run these services. Around 10% of our staff have volunteered to work Boxing Day and that determined the number of routes, frequency and length of operating day we could provide.

At the time of planning our services, kick off for Nottingham Forest was scheduled for the afternoon and our services would have allowed fans to get to and from the match. Indeed, part of our business case for running buses on Boxing Day factored in fares we would receive from football fans.

After our Boxing Day services were finalised, the Nottingham Forest match was re-scheduled to the evening to allow the match to be televised on Sky.

With the routes and timetables finalised and the volunteers notified of their working hours, it is not possible for us to run later buses on Boxing Day because everyone who volunteered to work has been used and there are no further volunteers available.

Nottingham Forest fans will be aware that we regularly run several extra buses at the end of every football match throughout the season and we’re sorry this isn’t possible on Boxing Day, but that’s because the goalposts were moved on us.