Changes to Services from Sunday 28th August

From Sunday 28th August 2016, there are changes to some of our services.

Summer Timetables” on Brown 17; Red 43; Sky Blue 45; Lime 58; Turquoise 77 and Purple 89 will also finish, with these services returning to their normal weekday and Saturday timetables from Tuesday 30th August.

New timetable leaflets will be available from mid-August and you can download PDFs of the new timetables below.

Pink 28: Bilborough > Beechdale > Jubilee Campus > City

A revised timetable is introduced on all days. Monday to Saturday daytime frequency improved, with buses up to every 7 minutes.

Download new timetable>>>

Pink 30, 31: Wollaton Vale > Jubilee Campus > City

Minor timetable changes for buses between Jubilee Campus and the City Centre, with the waiting time at Canning Circus reduced. Pink 31 resumes from Monday 19th September.

Download new timetable>>>

Orange 34, N34: (Beeston) > University Park > City

The term-time timetable resumes from Sunday 18th September.

Extra Monday to Saturday evening term-time buses are introduced, with the frequency increased to every 15 minutes.

NightBus N34 will operate every week throughout the year from the early morning of 20th September (not just during term times) the with an additional journey from City Broadmarsh at 00:20 (Angel Row 00:30) to University Park and Beeston.

Download new timetable>>>

Orange 35: Bulwell > Bilborough > Wollaton Vale > QMC > City

Minor timetable changes in the Bilborough and Strelley areas. On Sundays, the 10:15 from Wollaton Vale is extended to start from Strelley Road (ASDA) at 10:03. The 35A from City at 16:40 is extended through to Bilborough (renumbered 35B).

The Wollaton Vale timing point for buses to City is moved from the Rosedale Drive stop to the next stop at Grangewood Road.

Download new timetable>>>

Orange 36: Chilwell > Beeston > QMC > City

For customers between Beeston, QMC and City, NightBus N34 will operate all year from the early morning of 20th September, with an additional bus from City Angel Row at 00:30 to Beeston.

Download new timetable>>>

Blue 40/B: City – St Ann’s

The Schooldays only journey from City, Victoria Centre at 08:27 to Woodborough Road Top is withdrawn.

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Red 43: Bakersfield > Sneinton Dale > City

On Monday to Saturday evenings, a later evening bus from Bakersfield to City is introduced at 23:40. The last bus from City is re-timed to depart 3 minutes later at 00:05.

Download new timetable>>>

Sky Blue 46, 47: Lowdham > Calverton > Woodborough > Lambley > Mapperley Plains > City

These services are revised following the withdrawal of funding for service 47 by Nottinghamshire County Council.

The revised 46, 47 will provide a daily service between Nottingham, Mapperley Plains, Lambley and Woodborough.

Buses will continue to run 7 days a week, including evenings, with buses arriving and departing Nottingham generally every 30 minutes on Monday to Saturday daytimes and hourly evenings and Sunday daytime.

The link between Mapperley Plains and Arnold, provided by Sky Blue 46 will no longer run and Nottinghamshire County Council will be providing a replacement service between Oxton, Calverton, Woodborough (including Dover Beck Drive), Epperstone and Lowdham, numbered 747.

Download new timetable>>>

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Download 747 timetable>>> (Not operated by NCT, please contact Nottinghamshire County Council)

Pathfinder 100 (incl. Lilac 26): Southwell > NTU Brackenhurst > Lowdham > Burton Joyce > Nottingham

Minor changes to the timetable introduced on all days.

In Southwell, all morning buses which start from Norwood Gardens are extended to start from Westgate (Hillside Drive) to serve stops along Allenby Road, Hallam Road and The Ropewalk. Afternoon and evening buses which terminate in Southwell are extended to serve all stops along Lower Kirklington Road, Newark Road, Easthorpe and Church Street to The Minster.

On Schooldays, the 26 from Carlton-le-Willows Academy at 15:10 will depart 5 minutes later. The 26C from Nottingham at 07:45 will no longer stop at NTU Brackenhurst Campus. An alternative bus departs Nottingham at 07:55 on Pathfinder 100.

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