NCT Pride Bus in Old Market Square

Nottingham City Transport Moving with Pride

Nottingham City Transport has unveiled it’s brightest bus yet and one which demonstrates the Company is ‘Moving with Pride’.

The double decker features the colours of the Rainbow Flag, the symbol of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) pride and LGBT social movements. The bus was unveiled today (29 July 2017) to coincide with the Nottinghamshire Pride Parade which took place through the City Centre. The bus formed part of the Parade and was then parked on display in Hockley for the afernoon.

The idea behind the NCT ‘Pride Bus’ came from driver Joe McKevitt, who asked the Company to look at supporting Pride and the LGBT employees of Nottingham City Transport.

Leigh Ellis, Chairman of Nottinghamshire Pride commented, “We think the NCT Pride Bus is a marvellous idea and it’s great to see a large employer and company with such a visual presence showing such a commitment to move with pride”.

The bus will operate across several NCT routes over the coming months.