Smart Travel with NCTX Buses App

January Sale on NCTX Buses App

Launched just over a year ago, paying for bus travel on the NCTX Buses App is growing in popularity each week!

With around 23,000 regular customers now using the app, this cashless way to pay is convenient, and like our Easyrider smart cards and the award winning Robin Hood Card, mobile ticketing avoids the need to find the exact fare.

Customers using the NCTX Buses App can buy discounted all day travel (24 hours) at £3.50 instead of £3.70 when paying with cash and throughout January 2018, all adult 5 consecutive day tickets in the NCTX Buses App will come with 2 days free!

  • 7 days travel for £16 in the Nottingham area
  • 7 days travel for £20 across the entire NCT network, including Loughborough, Woodborough & Lambley and through to Southwell

Download the NCTX Buses App from Google Play and the App Store and start paying the smarter way.