Changes to Orange 34 and 36 from Sunday 14 January

From Sunday 14th January 2018, we’re making changes to Orange 34 and 36:

  • Revised weekday afternoon term time timetable on Orange 34 to improve reliability after lectures
  • New service 36U via University Park Campus on weekday mornings to provide more capacity on to campus for morning lectures
  • Revised Monday to Saturday daytime timetable on Orange 36 to improve reliability

Orange 34

The full term time timetable will start operating again from Sunday 14th January, with buses up to every 5 minutes on weekday daytimes.

During the Autumn term, weekday afternoon buses were struggling to keep to time because of congestion around Dunkirk and the QMC. To address this, we’re revising the timetable between approx. 15:30 and 18:30. The new timetable better reflects the traffic levels on the route and should lead to a more reliable service for the remainder of the academic year.

For students heading to University Park Campus on weekday mornings from stops along Derby Road, we’re also introducing new service 36U which will run through the Campus (stopping at George Green Library and Portland Hill) to provide more capacity to reach morning lectures on time. These additional double deck journeys will depart the first stop on Derby Road (Canning Circus) at 08:21, 08:36 and 08:58 each morning.

View new timetable here>>>

Orange 36, 36U

Reliability on Orange 36 hasn’t been as good as it should be in recent months, especially in the afternoons and early evenings where buses were struggling to keep to time because of congestion along the route.

To address this, we’re introducing a new Monday to Saturday daytime timetable to improve reliability. Buses will still run up to every 7 minutes, but we’re giving our drivers more time to complete their journeys.

On weekday mornings, three journeys from City to Beeston and Chilwell are renumbered 36U and will operate through University Park Campus, instead of Derby Road, Priory roundabout and Woodside Road. These buses will depart City (Victoria Centre) at 08:13, 08:28 and 08:50

These buses will follow the normal route as far as the QMC and then enter University Park through the North Entrance, serving the George Green Library and Portland Hill stops, before continuing along Cut Through Lane, Jubilee Avenue and exiting through the West Entrance to re-join the normal route from Broadgate into Beeston and to Chilwell.

View the new timetable here>>>

View the new route map here>>>