Smart Travel with NCTX Buses App

January Update to the NCTX Buses App

We’re always looking at ways to develop the NCTX Buses App and are pleased to announce the following improvements, as part of our latest release:

  • New map icons with directional arrows, to help show you which way buses from that stop travel
  • Bus stop codes added to the name of stops* when you tap on the icon on the Explore map and view a Departure Board
  • Filtered out the ‘Live Disruptions’ part of the app, so it only shows service information and isn’t cluttered by other marketing messages
  • Optimised the screen size for customers with the iPhone X!

The latest version of the NCTX Buses App is now available from Google Play or the App Store. Download it for free now and if you’ve any suggestions for further improvements, please send them through the Feedback button in the app.

As part of this update, we have removed support for iOS versions below 9.0. This removes support for 0.1% of the current users and will allow us to add new features to iOS faster in the future. Upgrade your iOS software to take advantage of all the latest features.

* Stops within the Nottingham City Council boundary initially. Other stops to be added.