All Saints Church

Community Group’s Future Secured for Another Year as Nottingham City Transport Provides Free Travel

A Community Group based at All Saints’ Church that supports women seeking asylum has benefited from free travel from Nottingham City Transport.

The “Women of Faith Nottingham” group, set up in January 2016, meet once a month at All Saints’ Church where up to 35 women and children undertake a number of activities, including: cooking, dance, prayer, spiritual discussion, information sharing and talks from guest speakers.

Members of the group are all women who are, or have been, seeking asylum and are fleeing from persecution or torture in their home countries. The group hails from different parts of Africa, Asia and the Middle East, with Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Uganda, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Gambia, Eritrea, Sudan, Pakistan, Iran, Lebanon, Libya, Saudi Arabia, China and India currently represented.

There are several supporters of the group, including ASDA, small charities and private donors and Nottingham City Transport is supporting the group for a second year by providing free travel for the women to attend their monthly meeting at All Saints’ Church.

Project Manager and Fundraiser, Courtney Smith, commented, “This project promotes community cohesion by providing activities for the women to interact with people from all walks of life as well as reducing social isolation and builds their confidence. Thanks to Nottingham City Transport’s help, the future of this important group is now assured for another 12 months”.

Anthony Carver-Smith, NCT Marketing Manager added, “After attending one of the monthly meetings, it is truly devastating to hear some of the difficulties the women have experienced and the reasons they have fled. All Saints’ Church and the volunteers who run the project are making such a difference to these peoples’ lives and by covering the cost of travel to attend the group, NCT is ensuring this important project continues.”

Earlier this month, NCT also supported the Nottingham Street Knights by providing free travel for their volunteers, who help the homeless community every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in the City Centre.