Denis Tully, Emmanuel House CEO, visited the NCT Depot on Lower Parliament Street for the grand unveiling of the branded bus

Independent Homeless Charity travels round city on NCT Bus

Emmanuel House has been spotted all round Nottingham this week with thanks to Adverta and NCT buses.

As the proud new owners of a 14 foot travelling poster, Emmanuel House is telling the whole of Nottingham about the support they can help provide by donating to the independent charity.

Denis Tully, Emmanuel House CEO, visited the NCT Depot on Lower Parliament Street on 28th June for the grand unveiling of the branded bus. Speaking of the advert, Denis said ‘Winning the competition run by Adverta means that Emmanuel House can continue to tell their story of how the people of Nottingham can help us, help homeless and vulnerable of adults. As an independent charity, Emmanuel House’s funding relies on the generous donations of their supporters. This bus advert will help us reach even more people and help us to continue to provide the life-saving service for our city.’

As part of the buses ‘journey’, Emmanuel House are inviting the people of Nottingham to try their hand at ‘Bus Spotting’ by sending in their photos of where they spot the bus travelling.

If you spot the bus whilst out and about in Nottingham, take a photo and let Emmanuel House know via Twitter or Facebook for a chance to win 10 full day VIP passes at Force10 Paintball Sherwood Forest.

Emmanuel House provides a range of support and services for homeless and vulnerable adults in Nottingham. They have over 2,000 visits a week where they offer essential survival services such as hot food and drinks, an opportunity to change into clean, dry clothing, shower and laundry facilities as well as support in the following areas: Mental Health, Tenancy and Resettlement, Benefits and Welfare, Training and Workshops and access to the Winter Shelter. Their social activities also encourage interaction and tackle isolation issues, such as the allotment project, Streetwise Opera and art group.

Emmanuel House’s main aim is to help get homeless and vulnerable adults a home of their own. With this fantastic opportunity to travel round the city, telling people how THEY can help homeless and vulnerable adults, as a city, we are one step closer to getting even more homeless and vulnerable adults into secure accommodation.