Summer School Holiday Timetable Changes 2018

We see a noticeable drop in the number of people using buses during the summer, as schools, colleges and Universities are on their break and most people take some time off work for a holiday.

To reflect this lower level of demand, we will once again run ‘summer timetables’ during the main school holiday period, from Monday 30th July until Saturday 1st September 2018 inclusive.

Summer timetables apply only on the 17, 28, 43, 45, 58 and 89, where we temporarily reduce the daytime frequency from a bus up to every 7 or 8 minutes to a bus up to every 10 minutes instead. There are no changes to evening or Sunday buses and normal timetables start again from Monday 3rd September 2018.

Timetables for this period are now available on the NCTX Buses App and on our website. Select your service and choose a date after 30th July and it will be displayed.

Some journeys on other routes run on Schooldays Only and they will not run until the start of the new academic year.