The Company has catering facilities at Parliament Street (Head Office), Trent Bridge and Angel Row.  Our Gotham Garage has a vending operation on site.  Angel Row is open for use by our staff six days per week (closed on Sunday).  All other outlets operate on a Monday to Friday basis.

Hours of work are between Monday and Saturday, with shifts of varying lengths in place. Shifts of six hours or less attract a paid break of ten minutes.  Shifts of 6.01 hours and above attract a paid break of twenty minutes.  All breaks have to be taken on site.

All staff within the Catering group are paid on a weekly basis.

The holiday year runs from 1st April to 31st March and the annual entitlement is 25 days plus eight Bank/Public Holidays.  Staff in this work group are not permitted to carry holidays over from one holiday year to next.  Staff are allocated a three week summer holiday each year on a rotational basis.  The one week winter holiday and any lieu days are taken by agreement with the Catering Manager.  Any holidays that have not been booked or taken by the 1st February will be allocated by the Catering Manager.

The Company provides overalls and protective footwear which must be worn whilst on duty.