Nottingham City Transport is committed to providing a quality service to its customers and all our engineering staff have a key role to play in this objective.

How is Engineering Structured?

The Engineering Division is headed by the Engineering Director who reports to NCT’s Board of Directors on all matters to do with the Company’s buses and other vehicles, the buildings, plant and equipment used to garage and service and repair those vehicles.  He is also the Head of Department for the staff who work in the Engineering Division and has responsibility to the Board for Health and Safety at Work across the whole of NCT.

The Company operates from three garages.  These are at Parliament Street (opposite the Ice Arena), at Trent Bridge (near the Embankment), which also houses our workshop facilities and the former South Notts Garage at Gotham.

Engineering employees are expected to clock in at the beginning of every shift and clock out at the end of every shift. The Company provides Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for use at work and which must be worn when at work.


We have various positions available from time to time under the heading of Craft:

  • PCV Fitter
  • Auto Electrician
  • Coachbuilder
  • Parts
  • Maintenance Fitter & Electrician
  • Apprentice

The standard hours of work for all these positions is 37 hours per week, working a variety of shift patterns, which in some cases can include nights and weekends (including Sunday).

The rate of pay is dependent upon the type of shift worked.

The Company takes the health and well being of its employees seriously and has retained the services of registered medical practitioners who hold additional qualifications in Occupational Health to advise it on health matters in connection with its business.

From time to time employees will be required to undergo medical examinations and/or other medical screening procedures in connection with their employment. Attendance at such medical examinations and/or screening procedures is a condition of employment and failure to attend could place an employee’s job with NCT at risk.