On Bus Wi-Fi

Having Trouble Connecting?

If you see nct-buses Wi-Fi, but it won’t connect and you have an iOS device, try Reset Network Settings. You’ll find this in Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

You may find clearing the cache on your mobile device also helps connect, especially if you use a lot of WiFi connections.

Poor Signal Strength?

On bus Wi-Fi uses the 4G network and areas of low signal may result in temporary drop outs or slow connectivity during the journey. If you experience a regular drop out, please let us know and we’ll liaise with our supplier about network coverage.

Reaching the Allowance Quickly?

There is a daily data allowance of up to 100mb per device, which ensures everyone has equal access to Wi-Fi when they travel. Remember, streaming (e.g. YouTube) uses a lot of data and you may reach your allowance after only a short time on the bus.

If you are finding your daily allowance is being reached quickly, ensure that you don't have app updates set to update over a Wi-Fi connection, as this will use data in the background. It's also worth closing apps you're not using too, as they may be consuming data.

SSL Certificate Not Trusted Message

This message usually shows on Android devices because you are trying to use data or access a secure website without being fully connected to our on bus Wi-Fi. Click cancel and return to the landing portal, to connect in full.