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NCT Cleaning Up Nottingham’s Air as First Bus is Fitted with Technology that Reduces NOx Emissions by over 70 Tonnes a Year!

The first of 185 Nottingham City Transport diesel buses to be retrofitted with technology that will see the fleet’s tailpipe emissions reduce by 90% has been unveiled.

Four Bus Vandals Pay Over £1,000 for Damages and NCT’s Trojan Bus Returns

Nottingham City Transport’s Trojan Bus has been out and about again recently and is one measure that has contributed to a sharp decline in the number of stone throwing incidents targeting buses.

Next stop – Cleaner Air!

Around 60 children took a ride on one of the city’s new biogas buses as part of the launch of the latest in a series of books promoting sustainable transport. 

NCT Supports Business Breakfast Event to Help Boost Child Literacy Levels

Nottingham City Transport was proud to join other business leaders in Nottingham today (7 June) to balance the books in a very different way as part of a charity reading event.

Nottingham Bus Named After Royal Naval Reserve Unit

Nottingham City Transport has named one of its Bio-Gas buses after HMS Sherwood, the East Midlands’ only Royal Naval Reserve unit.