Changes to A2 Bus Times

1 month ago Wed 23rd Sep 2020

We are making further changes to the A2 from Monday 28th September 2020 to address demand for journeys to school in the morning.

The 07:44 from Bulwell Morrisons and 07:55 from Beckhampton Road will both operate 5 minutes earlier throughout.

In addition, these two buses will extend to Middleton Boulevard, to cater for the pupils at Bluecoat Wollaton Academy who are starting later at 08:50.

The extended A2 buses should alleviate the demand being experienced on the 53 which departs Arnold at 07:45 (timed at The Futurist at 08:03).

We would encourage all Bluecoat Aspley Academy pupils to help each other get to school on time and other people to get to work on time by only using the A2 bus, rather than the 53.

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