Changes to Orange 36

8 months ago Thu 12th Nov 2020

We are making a temporary timetable change on Orange 36 from Monday 16th November 2020. 

This change includes the withdrawal of a small number of Orange 36U buses which operate on Monday to Friday mornings through University Park. These journeys operated to provide additional capacity for students during the morning rush hour, but are not currently needed due to a drastic reduction in student travel this academic year. Students travelling to University Park can make use of Orange 34, operating every 15 minutes at peak times.

Orange 36 will operate to a revised timetable on Monday to Saturday daytimes, with buses generally every 10 minutes. Combined with Orange 35, buses will operate generally every 5 minutes between City, Derby Road, QMC and Priory roundabout on Monday to Saturday daytimes.

You can preview the new timetable here.

These temporary changes are being introduced to ensure we make the most efficient use of our available drivers and buses.