23rd May - 26th September

If you enjoy trying to solve crimes from your favourite TV drama, why not give crime club a go. Solve some real crime cases from the past and get yourself involved. Make it a day out and get your friends to go too.  

You will also get a free drink at the start of the event. 

The event costs £10 per person, booking is recommended. Over 18's only so ID may be required. 

There are different events held throughout the year so you can pick one that looks the most interesting to you.

23rd of May 6pm-8pm: Women Who Kill, exploring some of Victorian Nottinghams most horrific murder cases.

25th July 6pm-8pm: The Birth of CSI, special evening dedicated to Sir Bernard Spilsbury, known as the ‘father of forensics,’ allowing access to some of the forensic evidence used in Spilsbury’s most notorious cases.

26th September 6pm-8pm: Body Snatchers, the last crime club of the year will be looking at one of Victorian England’s strangest crimes.



Prices start from £10.00

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