Direct Debit Terms and Conditions

Here are a few helpful tips and reminders about setting up a Direct Debit and also a summary of the rules and conditions of the scheme with Nottingham City Transport Limited.

1. Why Pay by Direct Debit?

Along with many other household bills, Direct Debit is a simple, easy way to pay so that yours (and our) administration is kept to a minimum. You have an Easyrider that never needs “topping up” and we get the payment direct from your bank account by “pressing a button” each month.

2. Who is Direct Debit Best For?

Anyone can apply, but the scheme best suits long term, regular bus users with a “consecutive day” Easyrider card, with a bank account that DDs can be set up on. You will also need a working email account, and check it regularly.

3. Setting up a Direct Debit

Signing up for Direct Debit is no longer available.

4. Keep Us Up to Date

Please keep us up to date with any address moves. We may need to contact you for a number of reasons and we need your current address to be able to do this. It’s very easy, just log into your My Easyrider account at and amend your details when needed.

5. How is the First Payment Calculated?

We will confirm your first Direct Debit payment date and amount by email following a calculation based on the expiry date of your Easyrider card when you apply for Direct Debit. You may be required to top up the card manually before the first Direct Debit is taken and we will advise you of this if required. Please ensure that you monitor your emails while the process is in progress. Subsequent Direct Debit payments will be taken on your chosen date at the prevailing rate.

6. What Happens if my Direct Debit bounces?

We expect each Direct Debit customer to have enough money to pay their Direct Debit each month. It is each customer’s responsibility to ensure this.

If your Direct Debit bounces, we will email and tell you as soon as possible. Your card will still be valid for travel up to the date when we re-present the Direct Debit at your bank for payment, which will generally be 7 working days after the initial attempt.

If the second Direct Debit bounces, your card will be immediately “hotlisted” and you will not be able to travel using it any longer.

Whilst we reserve the right to treat every case on its merits, we will generally remove you from the Direct Debit scheme if you bounce a payment more than once in a 12 month period. You may then still use the card concerned for travel in the future, but will have to keep it topped up via another method.

Please note that NCT will not accept a further application to pay for your Easyrider by direct debit after removal in this manner for a period of 12 months.

7. Cancelling the Direct Debit

We know that sometimes circumstances change and you may wish to cancel your Direct Debit.

If you wish to cancel at any time, we recommend that you tell us, rather than just your bank (although you can tell your bank too, of course). It’s best if you contact us as soon as you want your Direct Debit to cease, because then we know it’s happening, and we’ll take care of it from that time onwards. This just avoids confusion and potential upset, as we know it’s happening and manage the process to make sure we get it right for you.

When you contact us to cancel your Direct Debit, please do so by email to [email protected] with “Cancellation of Direct Debit” in the “Subject” line. We will confirm that it has been cancelled in writing by replying, giving you a reference number, which is your guarantee that the cancellation is in our system and has been actioned.

We will not under any circumstances consider requests for retrospective refunds for any prior months’ non-use by a cardholder where the Direct Debit has not been cancelled with us under the above procedure.

8. Terms and Conditions of Carriage

All Direct Debit Easyrider customers are subject to the same terms and conditions of carriage, as published by Nottingham City Transport Limited from time to time. The current version of these is to be found here.

If in Doubt, Contact Us!

If at any stage you are unsure of what happens or what to do regarding your Easyrider paid for by Direct Debit, please contact customer services by email at [email protected] or on 0115 950 60 70, or pop into the Travel Centre.