Easyrider Purse

If you're currently paying cash for a Single or Return fare to/from the Outer Area on South Notts 1 or Pathfinder 26/A, Easyrider Purse may be for you!

Easyrider Purse is an e-purse, which you top up with money and then use to pay for Adult and Under 19 single or day return fares on the bus, which are discounted by 15%.

The Outer Area covers any journey which starts or finishes:

  • Between Clifton Pastures and Loughborough (South Notts)
  • Between Linden Grove/Carlton le-Willows School and Southwell (Pathfinder)

You can order and top up your Easyrider Purse card online. We can also top up existing Purse cards by telephoning 0115 950 60 70. Please allow up to 3 working days for credit to reach your card.