Easyrider Mobile

Pay for your bus travel using the NCTX Buses App

Save money and avoid the hassle of finding cash to pay on the day and pay for your bus travel using your smart phone.

Download the free NCTX Buses app (from the App Store or Google Play) and pay using a debit/credit card or Apple Pay.

Buy your ticket at any time and then activate your ticket when you’re ready to travel (you will need an internet connection to activate). On the bus, just show the ticket screen to the driver when you get on.


Travel around Nottingham:

  • Single Journey: £1.90
  • 24 hours travel: £3.50
  • 5 days travel: £16.00

Travel around the entire network:

  • 24 hours travel: £6.00
  • 5 days travel: £20.00

Under 19:

To qualify for Under 19 fares, customers will need to have their age verified in the NCT Travel Centre after making their first purchase.

Travel around Nottingham:

  • 24 hours travel: £2.50
  • 5 days travel: £11.00

Travel around the entire network:

  • 24 hours travel: £5.00
  • 5 days travel: £15.00


How do I use a Mobile Ticket?

You will need an internet connection to activate a ticket, but once activated the ticket remains available until expiry. Activate the ticket and when you board the bus, simply show the Active Ticket to the bus driver when you board.

Why has my account been locked?

Mobile tickets are intended to be used only by the registered account holder and if our system detects multiple log-ins to an account, it will temporarily lock the account. This is to prevent one purchased ticket being used by more than person at a time. If you have two phones (e.g. work and personal), we suggest you use the app on the one you use the most and have available at all times.

Why doesn’t my ticket show?

To prevent people from changing the date and time on their device, so that they can extend the validity of an active ticket, our system checks the date and time on each device is the close to the correct time. If the time of the device is outside the tolerance set, the ticket will not be displayed. To always see a ticket, ensure your device is set to the correct date and time by using the “Auto Update” feature.

My bank statement is showing I’ve been charged twice.

Like most online transactions, the payment for a ticket will show on a customer’s bank statement the next working day. Tickets purchased on a Friday, Saturday, Sunday or Bank Holiday will take longer to appear on a statement, usually the Monday (or Tuesday if there’s a Bank Holiday). This may give the impression that you’ve been charged twice for the same ticket. Check your bank statement for the last 7 days to ensure it’s not a ticket you purchased the previous week showing. If you have any concerns, please email us and include the email address for your account and the rough dates you want us to check.