On the Day Fares

Buying tickets on the bus

This page lists all the tickets available to buy from the bus driver on the day you travel. NCT operates an exact fare policy and our drivers cannot give change. When you board, please place your money in the red coin box and let the driver know which ticket you need.

Paying on the bus is the most expensive way to travel and you can save money with our advanced purchase Easyrider travel cards, the NCTX Buses app or the Robin Hood Card.

Fares Calculator


All Day Tickets

  • An all day ticket is £3.50 (Adult) and £2.50 (Under 18)  and this allows unlimited use from the time of purchase until 04:29 the following morning on every NCT bus in Nottingham*
  • Through our NCTX Buses app, you don’t need to worry about cash and can pay through your smart phone with a debit / credit card or Apple pay. A 24 hour ticket is just £3.50 for adults.
  • We’ve partnered with local venues and events to offer discounted travel with Eventrider. Just £2 for unlimited travel after 09:30 when you show a match or season ticket to Lakeside Arts TheatreMotorpoint Arena NottinghamNottingham PlayhouseNottingham PanthersNottingham RugbyRoyal Concert HallTheatre Royal or Trent Bridge Cricket Ground
  • An all day ticket covering every NCT service is £7 for an Adult and £5 for an Under 18. A 24 hour Adult ticket is available in the NCTX Buses app for £7.
  • If you’re travelling with other bus companies, the tram or local train services, a Robin Hood Day ticket costs £4.50 for Adults and £2.70 for Children (5-17 years old) for unlimited travel in Nottingham
  • The Robin Hood Pay as You Go Card is cheaper for people who buy all day tickets regularly. All day travel on NCT buses in Nottingham is £3.15 and on NCT, Trentbarton and the Tram, the fare is £4. Robin Hood cards are available from roadside machines and City Council Travel Centres.

GroupriderAll Day Group Tickets – Grouprider

Grouprider can be used by up to 5 people, where there has to be at least 1 adult (18 and over) and no more than two adults. A Grouprider can be used by 2 adults travelling together without any children too. All customers who board together on a Grouprider ticket, should alight together at the same stop.

In the Nottingham* area, Grouprider is £9.00 on weekdays before 17:00 and £4.50 at weekends, during school holidays (not INSET Days) and on weekdays after 17:00. A full list of school holiday dates for the Academic Year is here.  This covers unlimited use on all NCT buses in Nottingham* from the time of purchase until 04:29 the following morning. They can be used on NightBus.

Network Grouprider which covers every NCT service is £14.00 on weekdays before 17:00 and £7.00 at weekends, during school holidays (not INSET Days) and on weekdays after 17:00. A full list of school holiday dates for the Academic Year is here.

SingleTicketSingle Tickets

In the Nottingham* Area:

  • The standard single fare is £2 for Adults (18 and over) or £1 for Young People (5-17 years old)
  • Students (with valid ID) travel for £1 anywhere on Pink 28, 31 and Orange 34, 36 and between City and Jubilee Campus on Pink 30 or City and Priory roundabout on Orange 35
  • £1.10 Short Hop is available for journeys within a fare stage (up to 0.5 miles) – use our Fares Calculator above to see if a Short Hop fare is available for your journey
  • In Clifton, a £1 local fare is available for all journeys wholly within Clifton Estate
  • Under 5s travel free when travelling with an adult passenger (max 4)

In the Outer Area:

  • Fares vary based on the distance of the journey – use our Fares Calculator above to check your fare.

NightBusNightBus Fares

  • The single fare is £3 on NightBus services for all customers
  • A return journey is £3.50 – ask for an all day ticket on your bus into the City
  • A return journey for two is £4.50 – ask for a Grouprider after 17:00 on your bus into the City
  • On the N100, all journeys beyond Linden Grove, Carlton-le-Willows School through to Southwell are £5 single and £7 return
  • Easyrider, Mobile Tickets and Robin Hood Cards (not day tickets) are valid on NightBus
  • Concessionary passes are not valid on NightBus

Inner City Return

A £2.20 Inner City Return ticket is ideal for people who are making a short return journey to and from the City Centre on the same day. Full details of validity.

Inner City Return Map for £2.20 Journeys



Hearing and assistance dogs are carried free of charge. A £1 Dog Rover ticket is available for all other dogs and can be used for unlimited travel across the NCT network for the day.

Weekly Tickets

Longer term tickets are offered with our advanced purchase Easyrider travel smart cards which offer the cheapest prices too.

Weekly Tickets can be purchased from the driver on our longer distance services.

They are valid for 7 consecutive days, including the day of issue. They are only valid on the services listed and cannot be used on NightBus services.

  • South Notts 1: Between Nottingham and East Leake – £21 Adult and £15 Under 18
  • South Notts 1: Complete route – £23 Adult and £16 Under 18
  • Sky Blue 46, 47: Complete route – £16 Adult and £10 Under 18
  • Pathfinder 100 (and 26/C): Between Nottingham and Lowdham – £18 Adult and £12 Under 18
  • Pathfinder 100 (and 26/C): Complete route – £23 Adult and £16 Under 18


* The Nottingham area includes every NCT service, except for the following:

  • Navy Line 1 between Clifton Pastures and Loughborough
  • Lilac Line 26, 26C between Linden Grove/Carlton-le-Willows School and Southwell
  • Sky Blue Line 46, 47 between Spring Lane (Bradstone Drive) and Mapperley Plains (Coppice Road)
  • Pathfinder 100 or N100 between Linden Grove/Carlton-le-Willows School and Southwell