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Giving the Gift of Travel as NCTX Buses App Celebrates 2nd Birthday!

188 days ago Wed 12th Dec 2018

With nearly 60,000 registered customers and over 1.6 million mobile tickets purchased, the NCTX Buses App has more to celebrate than just its 2nd birthday today!

Launched on 12 December 2016, the NCTX Buses App has proven to be an easy, quick and convenient way to pay for tens of thousands of customers every week, who no longer need to find change for their journeys.

To coincide with its 2nd birthday, ‘ticket gifting’ has been added to the latest release of the NCTX Buses app – named Humphrey and available from App Stores now – and this allows users to buy a ticket on one device and then transfer the ticket using a Gift Code to another person and/or device. 

This will help users to look after dependants without needing to give them cash or a debit/credit card, whilst opening up public transport to a whole new generation of travellers through the safe use of a mobile app.

Alongside other payment methods, such as Easyrider smartcards and Robin Hood cards, the percentage of journeys where customers are paying with cash on the bus has fallen to just 15% and is set to drop further next year when NCT introduces contactless payments on to its buses.

Anthony Carver-Smith, NCT Marketing Manager commented, “Mobile ticketing has been a phenomenal success, with recent additions like Google Pay and ticket gifting really making the mobile phone the smarter way to pay. Next year, our range of payment methods will grow again with the introduction of contactless payments, including automatic capping at the best fare based on how many times the card is presented on the bus, which people may be familiar with if they’ve used Oyster in London.”

The latest version of the NCTX Buses App can be downloaded for free from the App Store and Google Play.

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