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January Sale

14 days ago Mon 7th Jan 2019

We've a fantastic January Sale offer on our NCTX Buses App!

All of our 5 consecutive day tickets come with 2 days free all month!

So for Adults that's 7 days* unlimited use on all of our buses in Nottingham for £17 - just £2.43 per day!

With the NCTX Buses app, there's no need to fiddle with change to get on the bus because you pay using a debit/credit card, Apple or Google Pay on your mobile! Activate the ticket as you reach the bus stop and then show the ticket screen to the driver when you board.

Look out for "7 Day Cityrider - January Sale" in the Mobile Ticket List and with the introduction of Ticket Gifting, you can also buy this offer for your friends or family and send them a Gift Code so they can activate the ticket on their device.

Our Network Rider equivalent for use on South Notts, Sky Blue 46, 47 and Pathfinder 100 at £25 also comes with 2 days free during January 2019.

* This ticket counts down for 168 consecutive hours from activation, not the end of the 'operating day'.
Live Bus Times
It’s Behind You!

2 days ago 19th Jan

Nottingham City Transport Names Route 35 Bus after Playhouse Panto Legend Kenneth Alan Taylor on Last Day of his 35th Pantomime!