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5th - 20th October

1930s Germany: a young Jewish girl flees Nazi persecution on a train bound for England. Finding herself in a strange country and unable to speak the language, she must shed her past in order to survive an uncertain future.

1980s England: a woman sifts through the attic as she prepares for her daughter to leave home. Memories are unearthed among the boxes and questions must be answered about a life long-buried.

When thousands of Jewish child refugees were uprooted from Europe to England during World War II, they left their parents behind to face an uncertain fate. In this 80th anniversary year, Kindertransport asks pertinent questions about our responsibility to those in need right now, and tells a raw and poignant story about the past’s powerful hold over the present. If you had survived the horror of war, what lengths would you go to protect yourself from its painful memories?


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