NCT Driver Helps Schoolgirl Choking On An Apple

7 months ago Sat 8th Feb 2020

Mark Dawson in his cab

A customer recently got in touch to praise our driver Mark, who they say saved a schoolgirl's life after they were choking on the bus.

After a customer on board shouted out for help, Mark left his cab and went to the back of the bus and performed back blows to clear the piece of apple that had become stuck.

Our thanks to this customer and another customer on the bus who helped reassure the schoolgirl, checked she was OK and ensured she had water and was comfortable.

Mark's actions have been widely praised on social media, with NCT Marketing Manager Anthony Carver-Smith adding, "Mark's quick response and intervention is highly commendable and his colleagues and NCT are very proud of him".

Read more about this on the BBC East Midlands website.