NCT Response to Prime Minister's Announcement

4 months ago Mon 11th May 2020

The government continues to advise people to avoid using public transport. You can only use our buses for essential journeys and you must follow these rules:

Image about rules

There are no immediate changes to the services or timetables we're operating, which are available here.

Once the guidance for transport operators referred to by the Prime Minister in his address on 10th May 2020 is published, we'll review and implement what is expected of us, for both our customers and employees. Updated 15 May 2020, the guidance for passenger is now available here.

It will take time to implement these requirements and with the majority of our buses delicenced and currently unavailable for use and 75% of our employees furloughed, any changes to service levels are likely to be gradual and in line with the ‘road map’ set out by the Prime Minister.

We'll provide a further update in due course.

Thank you for your patience and understanding and stay safe.