New Online Easyrider Portal Launched

4 months ago Thu 30th Jul 2020

Our new online Easyrider smartcard portal is now live, simplifying how card top ups take place and introducing the facility to order brand new Easyrider cards online.

My Easyrider Screen for Card Ordering

Topping Up

We've removed the barrier requiring customers to create an account to top up their Easyrider cards, with top ups now available just by entering the Easyrider card number and payment details. For the first time, Easyrider Purse customers can now top up online too. 

Changes in the background also mean that issues some customers used to face with expiry dates has now been fixed and customers who have pending travel waiting to be activated on their Easyrider card will also be able to see this.

Top up cards here.

New Card Ordering

Customers can now order and pay for a new Easyrider card online. This is available for Everyday, Anyday and Purse cards.

Adult cards and Purse cards can be posted to customers, with the travel on the card ready to use. Under 19 cards can be ordered and paid for and then collected from the Travel Centre, where proof of age is required for collection. This enables parents to buy and pay for travel for their children.

For the 2020/21 Academic Year, we will be offering online age verification for our special academic products for Under 19s and students. 

Order new cards here.

The Future

This new portal is the first part of several improvements to our Easyrider online systems. In subsequent phases, we will be introducing next day - and then same day top ups - as well as recurring payments and auto top-ups.