Nottingham City Transport Confirms £2 Fare Cap Continues on NCT

1 month ago Wed 5th Jun 2024

Single fares on Nottingham City Transport bus services will continue to be capped at £2 until the end of 2024, with NCT confirming its continued participation in the government’s Help for Households scheme.

Originally launched for 3 months in January 2023, the £2 fare cap has been extended a number of times, with the current funding for bus operators agreed and confirmed until the end of this month (June 2024).

The Department for Transport has recently confirmed to bus operators their funding allocation for the remainder of the year, which enables NCT to continue participating in the scheme.

David Astill, NCT Managing Director said, “As the better weather is now hopefully upon us, we would encourage those who perhaps don’t use buses regularly, to leave their car at home and take a journey into Nottingham City centre or other local destination at this discounted fare of just £2 for a single journey. It even offers an opportunity to get out and sample one of our fantastic new electric buses on services 11, 30, 39, 40, 41, 42 and 50.“

Recent NCT customer research shows 92% of respondents were aware of the £2 fare cap, with 4% saying they had started using the bus as a result of the cap.

The £2 single fare is available to buy on the bus with Contactless Tap&Go payments or cash as well as on the NCTX Buses app and Robin Hood Pay As You Go cards.

Customers can plan their journeys using the NCTX Buses app or at