Nottingham City Transport Engineering Director Gary Mason Retires

7 months ago Wed 22nd Dec 2021

Gary Mason and Bio Gas Bus

Nottingham City Transport has bid a fond farewell to Engineering Director, Gary Mason, ahead of his retirement at the end of the month after 30 years in the bus industry.

A web streamed retirement presentation took place on 22nd December 2021, with NCT colleagues and friends from suppliers and trade bodies watching as he received gifts and his retirement certificate.

Following an initial career in the automotive industry, Gary joined West Midlands Travel (later to merge with National Express) in 1992 and after spending 3 years at Veolia Transport, he joined NCT in March 2012, overseeing all of the Company’s engineering functions and played a pivotal role in the development and introduction of the bio-gas double deck bus.

NCT boasts the largest fleet of biogas double decks in the world, with 120 bio-gas buses in the fleet and a further 23 on order for delivery next year.

Alongside the bio-gas buses, NCT’s young diesel fleet has also been retrofitted with an exhaust treatment system to meet Euro VI emission standards, thanks to Gary’s excellent abilities and partnership working with Nottingham City Council and Nottinghamshire County Council.

NCT has operated an entirely Euro VI fleet for almost two years and this has seen fleet emissions fall by 90% as well as significant reductions in CO2 and NOX emissions in the last 12 months, assisting the City achieving Government clean air targets.

Gary’s commitment to the environment and making NCT’s fleet as green as it can be saw Nottingham City Transport win the Environmental Improvement Award at the CILT Awards for Excellence in 2021 and the Environment Award at the UK Bus Awards in 2018 and has also contributed to NCT winning UK Bus Operator of the Year a record breaking five times.

David Astill, NCT Managing Director said, “Gary Mason definitely joins the eminent list of people who have headed up the Engineering function at NCT and been held in such high regard both within the business and the wider bus industry. Gary will be remembered as the enthusiastic driving force behind the biogas bus project but his legacy goes much further. Behind the scenes, he has made several changes to work processes and structures to the benefit of the business and most recently he has been instrumental in ensuring the correct working procedures were put in place to keep our staff and customers safe during the coronavirus pandemic.“

Gary Mason, Engineering Director said, “I would like to say a massive thank you to all the people within NCT and the wider bus industry that I have worked with, either directly or indirectly, over the last 30 years. The bus industry has been a fantastic place to spend the majority of my working life and the dedication and quality of the people within it are second to none.  I could not have spent the last 10 years of my career in a better company than NCT nor in a better city than Nottingham”.

He continued, “I’m sad to be leaving at a time when public transport is facing such huge challenges as a result of the pandemic, but I remain convinced that a modal shift from private cars to public transport is key to achieving a low carbon future”.