Our Fleet

Nottingham City Transport runs one of the greenest and youngest bus fleets in the country, with buses based at three garages - Parliament Street, Trent Bridge and Gotham.

The NCT fleet currently has 315 buses (including 6 training buses), with the majority (73%) double deckers. In total, we have 9 different types of bus, with examples shown below.

All of our buses have CCTV, Wi-Fi, real time tracking, low floor entrances and a wheelchair / pushchair bay. 98% of buses now have audio announcements.

Download our fleet list (updated on 31 July 2020) here.

Our thanks to Ash Hammond for the supply of some of the photos displayed below.


We have been purchasing E200 buses since 2013 and there are 33 in the fleet. We have two different lengths - 10.2m and 11.3m - and you'll find these buses mainly on our Blue, Brown, Purple and Sky Blue Line routes.

E200 Bus

E200 MMC

Our 10 newest buses are E200 MMC buses, which primarily operate on our Bridgford Bus 5, 7, 8 and 9. We have two spares, one of which is a 10.8m. 

E200 MMC Buses


Like the E200, we've been purchasing the E400 since 2013 and have 62 in our fleet. The last E400 buses were received in 2015, with all new double decks being purchased now the E400 Gas Bus. You'll mainly find E400s on our Red 43, Turquoise 78, 79, Orange 35, Lilac 26 and South Notts 1 routes.

NCT E400 Bus

E400 Bio-Gas Bus

NCT runs the largest fleet of Bio-Gas double deck buses in the world, with 120 of these super-environmentally friendly buses at NCT by the end of 2019. You'll find our Bio-Gas buses mainly on Green 6, 10; Brown 17; Lilac 24, 25, 27; Pink 28; Orange 36; Red 44; Sky Blue 45; Navy 49; Lime 58, Yellow 68, 69; Turquoise 77 and Purple 89.

NCT Gas Bus



The OmniDekka was first purchased by NCT in 2003 and we continued to buy these buses until they stopped being manufactured in 2011. NCT is home to the last OmniDekka built. There are 58 in our fleet and you'll find these on Navy 4, Orange 34; Lime 56, 57, 59 and Spare fleet. 

NCT Omnidekka on Lime Line


Solo SR

The Solo SR replaced the Solo and we purchased 35 in 2011 and 2012. They are primarily used on Navy 3, Pink 30, 31, Blue 41, 42, Grey 53, 54 and Yellow 70, 71.

Solo SR at Jubilee Campus