Theatre Royal and Concert Hall

Located in the City Centre, the Theatre Royal and Concert Hall are just a short walk away from the main stops at Victoria Centre and the Old Market Square.


Eventrider is our special ticket that saves you money when travelling to and from the Theatre Royal and Concert Hall.

For just £2.50 per person* (instead of £3.70), you can travel to and from your show, match or concert as well as make additional journeys during the daytime.

Simply show your match, show or concert ticket** to the driver and pay £2.50. Remember, our drivers don’t give change, so you need the exact fare. On all the other buses you travel on, just show the Eventrider ticket to the driver as you board.

Once purchased, Eventrider is valid for the rest of the day, so you can enjoy a meal or drink before heading home. Last buses on our core routes are at midnight and you can also travel with an Eventrider on our “N” buses through until 03:15am.

* Valid to Clifton Pastures on South Notts 1; Lowdham (Gonalston Farm) on Lilac Line 26, 26C and Pathfinder 100 and Mapperley Plains (Coppice Road – Spring Lane (Gedling Country Park) on Sky Blue 46, 47.

 ** Your match, show or concert ticket has to be dated for the same day of travel

Theatre Royal

Buses that serve Theatre Royal and Concert Hall