Scan your Mobile Ticket Soon

5 months ago Thu 20th Aug 2020

mobile ticket scan position is at bottom of the reader

We will shortly be adding QR codes to our mobile tickets, which will change how you present the ticket when you board the bus.

Before showing your ticket to the bus driver, you will need to show the QR code to the green reader (the same reader that smart cards are presented to).

For mobile tickets, you need to present your active ticket to the bottom of the machine, as shown above.

Once you see the green light on the reader screen, your ticket has been accepted. Show the driver your ticket and take a seat.

The introduction of QR codes will see additional, longer term tickets introduced to the app in the autumn and in preparation for their introduction, we will be changing the way tickets are ordered.

We will be reducing the number of menus to select tickets from and grouping tickets by their type e.g. Singles, 24 Hour Tickets, Season Tickets. Within each group, there will be Adult, Under 19 and Student (where applicable).

For South Notts, Pathfinder and Sky Blue 46/47 customers, tickets to the Outer Area will be replaced by Zones instead of name specific places to bring them into line with our forthcoming launch of contactless payments. The app will have a clickable link to see which ticket you need for the zones you travel in.

When presenting a QR code, the reader will also check that the ticket you have purchased is valid at the stop you are boarding at. If you are attempting to use your ticket outside of the area it covers, your ticket will be rejected and you will be expected to buy a new one for the correct zone.

The changes to ticket groupings will take place by Sunday 23rd August 2020. When your ticket starts showing a QR code as well as the word of the day, please present the QR code to the reader.