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School Bus Journeys from September 2019

3 months ago Fri 30th Aug 2019

Here are details of when the additional buses we run to and from schools re-commence for the 2019/20 Academic Year.

From Tuesday 3rd September

The following journeys re-commence:

  • South Notts 1 will serve East Leake Academy and the 15:30 from East Leake Academy will operate (note, the morning bus from Nottingham and Clifton has been re-timed up to 10 minutes earlier)
  • Navy 1A from Wilford Lane at 15:15 to City
  • Navy 3 from Wilford Lane at 15:30 to City
  • Pink 28 from Trinity at 15:35 to City (note, only one bus operates from this academic year)
  • Grey 53 from Valley Road / Mansfield Road at 07:34 to Clifton Bridge North
  • Grey 53 from QMC at 15:08 to Arnold
  • Purple 87/B from Nottingham College (Clarendon) at 08:01 to Redhill Academy and from Redhill Academy at 15:15 to City
  • Purple 88 from Tithe Gardens (for Oakwood Academy) at 15:07 to City
  • School buses A1 and A2

From Wednesday 4th September

The following journeys re-commence:

  • Pathfinder 26A from Carlton-le-Willows Academy at 15:10 to City
  • Pathfinder 26A from Southwell Minster School at 15:24 to Nottingham
  • Lime 57X from Ramsey Drive/Newcombe Drive at 15:15 to City (note, this bus has been re-timed earlier following changes to the school day and was previously Lime 56)
  • Lime 59 from Rolleston Drive at 15:18 to City
  • Turquoise 77 from Trinity at 15:35 to City
  • Turquoise 77 from Nottingham Girls Academy at 15:15 to City
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