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Clifton to Nottingham via Wilford Lane, Ruddington

Trent Bridge Roadworks

24th Jun - 25th Aug

Resurfacing works near the junctions of Bridgford Rd and Radcliffe Rd at the southern approach to Trent Bridge are likely to delay to all services passing through the area. If you're using Navy 1, 3 or Green 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 please allow extra time for your journey.

Closure of Beastmarket Hill for Pride event

27th Jul

On Saturday 27th July, between approx 11:00 and 11:30 Beastmarket Hill will be closed due to the annual Pride Parade. During this time Navy 1, 3 and 48 will use the next stop, labelled Maid Marian Way M2.

Closure of Green Lane, Clifton

29th Jul - 30th Aug

To enable resurfacing works, Green Lane is to be closed. Navy 3 towards Clifton and NightBus N48 to Ruddington: After serving Southchurch Drive shops, buses will continue along Southchurch Drive, using Farnborough Road, Clifton Lane to the Green Lane Island, where buses will u-turn to terminate at the lay-by outside KFC/McDonalds (NightBus N48 will continue onto their normal route). Towards the City buses will use Clifton Lane, Farnborough Road and Southchurch Drive.

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The times shown are for the fixed ‘Timing Point’ stops, which regulate the service. These are the stops drivers will wait at, if the bus arrives ahead of time. The times shown for all other stops are estimated only. For all stops, please aim to arrive at your stop around 5 minutes before the time shown.