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Viewing the timetable for service N34

Beeston to CIty
via University Park Campus, QMC, Derby Road

Route map

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Service N34Service N34Service N34Service N34Service N34
Canal St, Broadmarsh C4 00:20 00:40 01:40 02:40 03:40
City, Victoria Centre W1 00:25 00:45 01:45 02:45 03:45
City, Angel Row A3 00:30 00:50 01:50 02:50 03:50
Derby Rd, Canning Circus 00:32 00:52 01:52 02:52 03:52
Derby Rd, QMC Main Entrance 00:37 00:57 01:57 02:57 03:57
Beeston Interchange bay 1 00:52 01:12 02:12 03:12 04:12

The times shown are for the fixed ‘Timing Point’ stops, which regulate the service. These are the stops drivers will wait at, if the bus arrives ahead of time. The times shown for all other stops are estimated only. For all stops, please aim to arrive at your stop around 5 minutes before the time shown.

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