Staff Travel Scheme

Easy to Commute SchemeSave money, save hassle, save the planet….. with our Easy to Commute Staff Travel Scheme offering unlimited NCT bus travel at the cheapest monthly price!

Our Easy to Commute (ETC) staff travel scheme is aimed at Nottingham’s workers and we’re working in partnership with lots of local employers to reduce the price of monthly travel down to as little as £45!

That’s a whacking saving of 22% every month and £13 cheaper than the normal monthly price!

Our ETC scheme offers employees:

  • Unlimited travel – use the City bus network from £1.48 per day
  • Less hassle than driving – no congestion, no parking and no petrol costs
  • Convenience – no change is required and no travel card to renew
  • Easy payment – monthly deductions from your salary
  • Environmentally sound
  • Avoids the cost of the Workplace Parking Levy


The cheapest options are through monthly deductions directly from your salary to your employer, who purchases the travel on your behalf.

Easyrider Everyday

  • Ideal for an employee working 4 days per week or more
  • Consecutive days travel, so you can even use your card at the weekends too
  • £45 per month or £1.48 per day
  • Total annual cost of £540
  • Saving of 18% or £10 per month compared to Travel Centre renewals
  • Easyrider Everyday Further is also available at £67.91 per month (£814.92 per annum)

Easyrider Anyday

  • Ideal for part time employees, 3 or fewer days per week
  • Non consecutive days travel, so you bulk buy days of travel to use when you need them
  • Bulk buy either 100 or 150 days in advance for the year
  • £20.83 per month (100 days) or £29.16 per month (150 days)
  • Total annual cost of £250 (100 days) or £350 (150 days)
  • Easyrider Anyday Further is also available from £30.00 per month (£360 per annum)


Check with your employer if they have signed up to the ETC scheme and follow the instructions on your organisation’s intranet, Staff Notice Board or Benefits Scheme booklet.

If you think this scheme is something your organisation should be part of and you will have at least 15 people sign up on your first application, ask your Manager to contact us. We’ll happily come out and set it up with them. Either email us or call 950 60 70 and ask for the Staff Travel Scheme Team.