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Ticketing Trial on Green 11

247 days ago Fri 21st Sep 2018

Do you travel on Green 11 and own an Android phone?

If you do, we're looking for volunteers to be involved in an exciting ticketing project from October for the rest of the year and that could be you!

As part of the trial, you'll receive free travel on Green 11 in return for your regular feedback about the new ticketing project we're trialling with a company called Touché through an app and beacon technology.

A few things you need to know as part of the trial:

  • You must have an Android phone and have Bluetooth enabled
  • You will be recording your boarding location prior to getting on the bus and we will be monitoring where the device is on and around the route 11 - but this will be anonymised and we cannot track individuals
  • The trial only covers route 11. If you use other NCT services, you will have to pay for those journeys

If you'd like to take part, please complete our online form below and we'll be in touch in early October with more details:


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