Changes to Green 10 and Buses to Ruddington Business Park

1 month ago Fri 14th Jun 2024

Roadworks have returned to the A60 in Ruddington, which are once again causing significant disruption to our Green 10 service, particularly at peak times and early evening.

This is because of buses joining long queues at the Kirk Lane / Loughborough Road junction to get to Ruddington Business Park and back.

This doesn’t just affect the Ruddington end of the route or the journeys which serve the Business Park. It causes significant unreliability across the full route and to the main 10 service because the buses which operate a 10X then operate a 10 afterwards.

To prevent ongoing disruption to all customers, we are changing how we serve Ruddington Business Park on Mondays to Fridays from Monday 17th June 2024 until the works are finished. There are no changes to how buses operate on a Sunday.

  • Most 10C and 10X buses will instead operate as a 10 between City, Trent Bridge, Wilford Hill and Ruddington Green
  • A free dedicated Shuttle Bus will operate to/from Ruddington Business Park, which customers can change to the 10 on Loughborough Road to/from City

By splitting the Ruddington Business Park link in this way, buses on the 10 will avoid the traffic queues on the A60, which will ensure reliability across the full route.

Shuttle Bus Map

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Travelling to Ruddington Business Park

If you catch the 05:32, 06:22 or 06:42 bus from City, these will continue to operate as a 10X through to Ruddington Business Park as they do now.

If you catch the 07:09, 07:32, 08:07, 08:42 or 09:12 bus from City, you will need to change to the Shuttle Bus.

When travelling from the City, alight the bus at the Landmere Lane stop on Loughborough Road, where the Shuttle Bus will pick up to continue your journey to the Business Park.

We endeavour to have the Shuttle Bus waiting at the stop to meet the normal 10X times, but due to the unpredictable nature of the traffic queues, this cannot be guaranteed.

The afternoon 10C buses from City at 15:25, 15:55, 16:25, 16:55 and 17:30 will operate as a 10 to Ruddington Green.

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Travelling from Ruddington Business Park to City

The Shuttle Bus is timed to depart at the same time as the 10X normally does: 16:10, 16:41, 17:11, 17:41, 18:18.

Alight the bus at the Ashworth Avenue stop on Loughborough Road, where the next 10 to the City will pick up.

The morning 10C buses from Ruddington Business Park at 06:09, 06:56 and 07:12 will operate as normal. The 07:45, 08:15, 08:48, 09:18 and 09:48 buses will start from Ruddington Green instead.

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