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Oh ‘appy days!
Mobile Ticketing, Journey Planning, Timetables, Things to Do and much more - all in the palm of your hand!
Schools, Colleges and Universities
With our City-wide coverage, NCT buses serve most schools, colleges and university campuses in Nottingham.
Bus Detective
Get Out and About with Bus Detective!
History Bus 35
Discover the rich history of Nottingham by travelling along one of the City’s longest bus routes.
Bad Weather Disruption
Details of how our services are being disrupted by the bad weather.
Queens Drive Park & Ride
Park & Ride from Queens Drive to the City Centre for just £6 per car!
Racecourse Park & Ride
Racecourse Park and Ride to the City Centre every 10 minutes on Monday to Saturday daytimes.
Buses to QMC and City Hospital
Bus services to Nottingham's two main hospital sites.
Ride the Rainbow
Explore the city by hopping on various bus routes, each represented by a different colour!