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Environmental Policy

Travelling by bus is one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel and Nottingham City Transport is committed to operating our fleet of 330 buses in the most environmentally friendly way possible too.

Switching from car to bus for just one journey a month would mean one billion fewer car journeys on our roads and would save 2 million tonnes of CO2 every year! (Greener Journeys).

Our Buses...

We have a fleet of 53 Bio-Gas buses, which are the cleanest buses on the road! They emit 84% less CO2 and hardly any particulate matters (soot) or NOX.

All of our buses currently meet Euro 4 or better emissions standards, and through government funding, our fleet will be upgraded with technology that reduces emissions by 90% by 2020. This will see all NCT buses meet Euro 6 (or equivalent) standards.

Our buses run on Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel (ULSD), which means less sooty black exhaust smoke and less contaminants in the air. Our emissions are regularly tested to ensure we meet tough government guidelines.

We keep buses for a maximum of 12 years and most are sold on to other companies. This in turn allows them to replace much older buses with newer buses, reducing emissions elsewhere too!

Our Drivers...

All drivers have completed training on ‘safe and efficient driving’ which includes techniques on driving a bus which uses the least amount of fuel. We also have telematics on all of our buses which monitor driving standards and we feedback performance to drivers on their braking, acceleration and speed. This gives a more comfortable ride for customers, but also reduces fuel usage.

Drivers also turn off the engines when they aren’t needed, to save fuel, cut down on fumes and to keep the noise down!

Our Offices...

We’ve been installing low wattage LED lights in our offices for the last few years, which use 30% less electricity. Many of these lights are activated by movement as people enter the room.

As a large organisation, external audits of our energy consumption are regularly made.

Our Waste...

We recycle most of our waste and use local, suitably licenced waste carriers, to collect metal, paper, cardboard, oils and other waste.

Industrial drains collect all the waste from our bus and chassis washes which is then used to create mulch in fertilisers.  The water used is recycled, cleaned and re-used.

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