Extending Easyrider Travel due to COVID-19

Please complete this form if you are unable to travel and are requesting your pre-paid Easyrider travel is paused and added back on to your Easyrider card to use at a later date. 

Please allow up to 10 working days for your card to be paused and the days to be added back on. If you are applying after you have started self-isolating, this is not a problem as we can check your card usage and calculate how many days you need adding back on from the last date you travelled.

Remember that the days we add back on to your card will start counting down from the first date you present your card to a reader on the bus. This will set your new expiry date.

If your travel is purchased by your employer through a Staff Travel Scheme and deductions are made from your salary, the same arrangement is in place but please contact your employer to do so.