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Social Media Policy

This Social Media Policy is effective from Friday 25th May 2018

Social media is an important way for Nottingham City Transport (referred to as NCT hereafter) to communicate and engage with customers, but to ensure it remains effective and valuable to all, the following applies:

  1. We use social media as a two way communication channel, allowing customers to directly contact us and for NCT to distribute information, news and updates
  2. We post all live disruptions information through our Twitter feed and post the most severe disruptions information (affecting multiple routes for a long period of time) on Facebook too.
  3. We reply to customer queries and comments between 07:00 and 22:30 daily (except when there are severe issues and we respond outside of these hours)
  4. Where there are known issues or events which are likely to generate significant customer engagement, e.g. bad weather, marathons, events, changes to services, we will have somebody monitoring our social media channels for the duration of the issue or event
  5. Due to their nature, customers with complaints will be directed to contact us through Private Message or Direct Message. These avenues allow for greater character use and ensures the appropriate information can be obtained to enable a thorough and, where appropriate, lawful investigation to take place.
  6. Personal data provided to NCT to investigate a complaint or respond to a query is subject to our Privacy Policy.
  7. Customers should be aware of and familiarise themselves with the Data Privacy Policies of the social media platform they are using, which are not within the control of Nottingham City Transport: FacebookTwitterInstagramLinkedInYouTube
  8. All comments posted must be civil, respectful and appropriate for our audience, which includes children.
  9. We don’t delete comments except those which are spam; contain offensive or inappropriate language; make offensive, harassing or derogatory remarks towards another follower, the Company or any of its employees; are libellous; incite violence
  10. We will block indefinitely any follower (and any apparent aliases) who makes a comment which is spam; contains offensive or inappropriate language; considered to troll the Company or another follower; makes offensive, harassing or derogatory remarks towards another follower, the Company or any of its employees; libellous; incites violence
  11. We make use of the analytics and tracking facilities provided by the social media platforms in order to improve our use of social media and to profile customers. This enables us make our sales and marketing more relevant to you and to personalise our marketing campaigns and website experiences.
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