Ride the Rainbow: Lilac 26 to Southwell

8 months ago Mon 7th Aug 2023

Catch Lilac 26 to Southwell.

Nottingham City Transport's vibrant "Ride the Rainbow" campaign is in full swing, inviting passengers to embark on a colourful journey across the city and its surrounding areas. This week, the spotlight is on the picturesque town of Southwell, accessible via the Lilac 26. With its historic charm, architectural wonders, and welcoming atmosphere, Southwell promises a delightful day out for both residents and visitors.

The Southwell Minster, a grand and beautiful cathedral, stands tall and proud, showing off its intricate designs. After visiting the minster, take a leisurely stroll through Southwell's charming streets. Shops, cafes, and boutiques line the roads, offering a chance to indulge in some shopping or enjoy a cup of coffee.

Curious about history? Don't miss the Southwell Workhouse, where engaging and interactive exhibits provide valuable insights into the social and economic conditions of the 19th century.

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Nottingham City Transport's "Ride the Rainbow" campaign adds a splash of colour to your everyday commute. Hop on the Lilac 26 and let us take you to the picturesque town of Southwell.