Bilborough College is located near Bilborough, which is served by frequent buses from the City Centre, along with Bulwell, Broxtowe, Wollaton and Derby Road areas.

Our main stops are at Burnside Green and Bracebridge Drive Shops, which are a short walk away from the College along Hanslope Crescent.

  • Pink Line 28 runs every 7-10 minutes, every day direct to/from the City Centre
  • Orange Line 35 runs from every 10 minutes between Bulwell, Broxtowe, Strelley, Bilborough, Wollaton Vale, QMC, Derby Road and the City Centre

All Bilborough students can pay just £1.80 cash on Pink Line 28 when they show valid photo ID and our Easyrider passes are a great way to save money if you’re making lots of journeys.

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