contactless card with a bus, tram and medilink bus

Contactless is the convenient, cashless way to pay for your NCT bus travel.

Which Tickets Are Available on Contactless?

You can use your contactless card or device to buy all tickets on the bus. 

Easyrider Purse top ups are not available on contactless, please top up online.

How Do I Pay Using Contactless?

When boarding the bus, please remove your contactless card from your wallet or purse to avoid card clash.

With Contactless Tap & Go, adults can simply tap their contactless card or device on the reader and the system will work out the best capped price for all the journeys made during the day. This covers journeys you make on NCT buses, as well as NET trams and Linkbuses.

If you're not using Contactless Tap & Go, remember to:

  • Let the driver know you want to pay using contactless card before placing your card or device on the reader
  • Let the driver know which ticket or tickets you want to pay for. For example, a Grouprider or an adult and under 19 day ticket together. The value of the total payment cannot be more than £15.
  • Wait for the card reader to show Please present your card (if you tap before this message, you will be charged a Contactless Tap & Go fare).
  • Place your card or device on the reader to pay
  • Take your ticket or tickets

How does Contactless Tap & Go Work?

There’s no need to ask the driver for a ticket, as the system will automatically calculate the best price for the journeys you make during a day (04:30-04:29 the next morning) across NCT buses, NET trams and Linkbuses.

Simply tap your contactless card or device on the green reader each time you board the bus, wait for the green light to show your payment has been accepted and then take your seat. 

Please ensure you use the same contactless card or mobile device for all of your journeys on the same day. Using different contactless cards or mixing contactless cards and mobile devices (even where the mobile device uses the same card details as the contactless card), will prevent day caps being applied and you will be charged a higher price.

At the end of each day, we’ll deduct one payment from your account, so you’re guaranteed to pay the best price for your travel. These deductions usually show on your bank statement after a couple of days. You can view your journey history on the Nottingham Contactless website.

How Much Will I pay Using Contactless Tap & Go?

Contactless Tap & Go works for adult payments only.

Each bus stop is located in a Zone and the price you pay is a set fare based on the Zone you board the bus and tap your contactless card or device, not the distance you travel. For the majority of our customers, all of your journeys will be in Zone A, which is the Greater Nottingham area (see below).

Each tap is charged at the Single Journey price shown below, but when you hit a Day Cap, that's the maximum you'll pay.

For example, if you travel in Zone A you would be charged:

  • £2.00 if you made 1 journey in a day
  • £4.00 if you made 2 journeys in a day 
  • £5.30 if you made 3 or more journeys in a day
Zone Single Journey Day Cap (04:30-04:29 each day) on NCT Only Day Cap (04:30-04:29) on NCT, NET, Linkbuses
Zone A £2.00 # £5.30 £6.40
Zone B £2.00 # £7.80 -
Zone C £2.00 # £7.80 -
Zone D £2.00 # £7.80 -

# Discounted thanks to a government funded Help for Households initiative.

What are the Nottingham Contactless Zones?

The Nottingham Contactless Zones are: 

Nottingham Contactless Zones Map

Does Nottingham Contactless Work on Other Operators?

You can use Nottingham Contactless for capped journeys across NCT, NET and Linkbuses.

Who do I contact if I Have a Query on a Payment?

If you paid using a card, you can view your journey history on the Nottingham Contactless website. If you paid using a device and want to see your transaction details, check your Apple or Google account the day after your journey.

If you have paid using a card, please register your query through the Nottingham Contactless website by searching for your journey and the selecting the "Query this Journey" option shown. 

For other queries about Nottingham Contactless, please email [email protected]