East Leake Academy is served by our South Notts 1 bus, which provides direct links from Nottingham, Trent Bridge, Wilford, Clifton, Gotham and Loughborough.

On Schooldays, there is a morning bus from Nottingham, numbered 1E, at 07:30 calling at Wilford Green 07:48, Clifton NTU 07:54 and Gotham at 08:08 that terminates inside the school grounds at 08:18. This journey is duplicated from Trent Bridge, so that two buses run together to provide extra capacity.

At the end of the schoolday, a dedicated bus departs from inside the school grounds at 15:15 to Gotham and Clifton (NTU). A bus through to Wilford, Trent Bridge and Nottingham can be caught from Gotham Road at approx. 15:30. 

East Leake Academy is located in the Outer Zone for our tickets and an Easyrider Further pass is required.

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