Easyrider FAQs

How Do I Purchase my First Easyrider card?

To buy your first Easyrider card, you can either:

  • order and pay for your card online and we'll post it out to you
  • visit the NCT Travel Centre in the Old Market Square (NG1 2JS). We take your photo and issue the Easyrider card, which can then be used straight away.

If you are Under 19, we require proof of your age. This can include a passport, driving licence or valid ID under the PASS scheme. Travel can be purchased for use until your 19th birthday. 

To qualify for student discount, students must present (at the time of purchase) a valid photo ID issued by their college or university that shows a course expiry date on. NUS Extra and ISIC cards are not accepted. Travel can be purchased for use until the end of the academic year when the course ends.

If you wear the Niqab, please view our guidelines on how Easyrider cards with photographs are issued.

How Do I Renew my Easyrider?

Easyrider cards can be renewed in advance of any existing travel expiring. The new periods of travel purchased on your card will not commence until the day they are used on the bus.

This means that if a month's travel is purchased before your card expires, the existing days will expire, but the new period of travel will not begin to countdown until the day the card is activated on the bus for travel.

Here's how you can renew:

  • Online (except Students cards), where travel will reach your card in 3 working days
  • At the NCT Travel Centre in the Old Market Square, where travel is available on your card straight away
  • By calling 0115 950 60 70 (except Students & Purse cards), where travel will reach your card in 3 working days

How Do I use my Easyrider on the Bus?

When you board the bus, show the photo side of your card to the driver.

Easyrider Card Types

Place your Easyrider card on the yellow markings on the green card reader, which will show:

Green Tick for Valid


Orange tick for top up


Red tick indicates an issue


A green tick and a beep will indicate your card is valid for travel - remove card and sit down. An orange tick and a beep sound reminds you that your card will need renewing soon. A red cross and a warning noise indicates there is a problem with your card, please consult the driver.

The reader will show the number of travel days remaining on your card or your expiry date. Any new travel you have purchased on Easyrider Everyday but not yet activated will show as "additional travel pending". This new expiry date will show once this travel is used for the first time.

Please note if a card is shown to more than one reader within a five minute period the reader will display a not valid image on the screen.

What Happens If I Lose my Card?

Don't worry - this is easily sorted!

Call us on 0115 950 60 70, visit the NCT Travel Centre or email us at [email protected]

Once you have informed us, we will cancel your card and issue a replacement card straight away. The new card will be set to the expiry date of your lost card. We regret any travel days lost or costs incurred prior to reporting the loss or collecting your new card cannot be replaced.

Replacement cards will be charged at £3 when collected in the Travel Centre or £4 if posted out.

What Happens If I Damage my Card?

Like your bank card or a driving licence, keep your Easyrider card safe and secure. Don't bend or chip it, otherwise you may crack the part of the card that our reader needs to read to accept it on the bus.

If your Easyrider card becomes damaged, you'll need to visit the NCT Travel Centre for a replacement card, which will be set to the expiry date of your damaged card. We regret any travel days lost or costs incurred due to a card being damaged cannot be replaced.

Replacement cards will be charged at £3

Can I apply for a Refund on my Easyrider?

If you have more than 7 days remaining on your card, you can apply for a refund.

If you purchased a special Academic Year or Calendar Year product, refunds can only be processed up to and including the 31st March during the academic year purchased.

To apply for a refund, please complete our Refund Application Form.

Upon receipt of your Refund Application Form we will consider your request, but please note refunds are not guaranteed, as outlined in the Easyrider card Conditions of Use and Issue. The 10% administration charge (off the refund value) has been suspended.