Easyrider Terms and Conditions

An Easyrider Card is an electronic smart card issued by Nottingham City Transport Ltd (the Company) for travel on NCT buses.

  1. The Easyrider card, the first of which is issued free, remains the property of Nottingham City Transport and must be surrendered to any Nottingham City Transport representative on request.
  2. Customers travelling with an Easyrider card are subject to the Company’s normal Terms and Conditions of Carriage, available at www.nctx.co.uk/conditions-of-carriage
  3. The purchase of an Easyrider card for travel is not a guarantee of current or future service levels, but a method of paying for travel in advance, usually at a discounted rate.
  4. Easyrider Everyday Adult, Student, Under 19 and Under 22 cards are period passes, which count down on a consecutive days basis, irrespective of use, until the expiry date.
  5. Easyrider Anyday Adult, Student, Under 19 and Under 22 cards, count down only on those days used, allowing unlimited travel on each day of use until all the days have been used.
  6. Easyrider Purse cards store a monetary value, purchased in denominations of £5, which can be used to pay for individual tickets on the bus.
  7. Proof of age is required from customers purchasing any Easyrider Under 19 or Under 22 card and new cards can only be issued to customers who are aged 18 or below (for Under 19) or 21 or below (for Under 22). Additional proof of being a resident of Nottinghamshire is required for Under 22 cards.
  8. Travel on Under 19 and Under 22 cards can only be purchased for periods of travel that do not exceed the cardholder’s 19th or 22nd birthday respectively.
  9. To qualify for student discount, students must present (at the time of purchase) a valid photo ID issued by their UK college or university that shows a course expiry date. NUS Extra, ISIC and TOTUM cards are not accepted. Travel can only be purchased for periods of travel that do not exceed the expiry date shown on the Student ID.
  10. Easyrider cards are not a cheque guarantee or credit/debit card.
  11. Purchases of additional travel online or by telephone for existing Easyrider cards should be added to the Easyrider card within 3 working days of the payment being made, although this cannot be guaranteed. A payment confirmation or receipt is not proof that an Easyrider card has been credited for travel and customers should buy a ticket on the bus if their card has not been credited.
  12. An Easyrider card showing a photograph may only be used by the registered card holder and is not transferable. If use is attempted by a person other than the registered card holder, any Nottingham City Transport representative has the right to retain the card to prevent future misuse. The cardholder and person attempting to use the card will be liable for prosecution.
  13. The photograph on an Easyrider card must at all times be a true likeness of the holder. In the event of a significant change of appearance, the Company reserves the right to request the holder obtains a new Easyrider card and pay the appropriate new card fee.
  14. The registered card holder must notify the Company immediately about any changes of details (e.g. married name, address) since the first Easyrider card was issued.
  15. Where any Easyrider card is replaced (e.g. stolen, lost, damaged, expired or otherwise unusable), the holder must notify the Company immediately. Once notified, the Company will invalidate the card. The Company will issue a replacement Easyrider card after notification and set the existing card expiry date onto the replacement card, at a charge of £3 if collected in the Travel Centre or £4 to be posted out. Any additional travel costs incurred will not be paid by the company.
  16. The Company reserves the right not to issue, renew or add value to any Easyrider card without stating a reason.
  17. All refunds are at the discretion of Nottingham City Transport, which does not undertake to refund or replace any ticket or pass which has been lost, stolen, unused (including partially unused) or forfeited. Refunds are issued in accordance with NCT’s Refund Policy, available at www.nctx.co.uk/refundpolicy
  18. Nottingham City Transport processes and manages customer data in accordance with its legal obligations. Please refer to the Customer Privacy Policy for further details: www.nctx.co.uk/privacy-policy