Grouprider is £5 after 09:30 weekdays and all day weekends and on Bank Holidays

A Grouprider ticket covers up to 5 people (min. 1 adult, max 2 adults), so is ideal for a family trip or for 2 adults travelling together.

Grouprider prices, for travel on our buses in Nottingham, are:

  • £5 after 09:30 every weekday and all day at the weekends and on Bank Holidays
  • £10 before 09:30 every weekday (including school holidays)

This simplified price structure for Grouprider benefits families who can now travel straight after school for trips out (rather than waiting for the 17:00 start time) as well as recognising the increasing variety of school holiday dates and not penalising parents for travelling on days which aren’t ‘recognised’ school holiday dates. They’ll also come in handy on INSET days too, which are school-specific dates and where parents currently pay full price.

Additionally, this change also means customers (especially those without children at school) can take advantage of cheaper travel throughout the year and don’t need to know whether it’s a school holiday or not to pay half price.

Network Grouprider, which covers the entire NCT network to Loughborough, Lambley/Woodborough and Southwell will be £7.50 every weekday and all day at the weekends and Bank Holidays and £15.00 before 09:30 on weekdays

* Valid in the City Area. See here. Network Grouprider required for journeys outside Nottingham.