Uni Students

Nottingham City Transport is the biggest transport provider in the City, offering lots of frequent routes across Nottingham.

We are the only transport provider to run buses on to all of the main University campuses, so there’s no need to walk to lectures or back to halls. And whilst you’re on board, make use of our free Wi-Fi!

An all-day ticket costs £4.00 from the driver, but you can save lots of money (and the hassle of finding the cash) by activating your Uni ID card as a bus pass!

Pay weekly or monthly and you can then make unlimited journeys all day, every day (including weekends and holidays) on every NCT Bus in Nottingham until it expires. NTU students can also travel to Brackenhurst Campus on season tickets activated on their Uni ID card, thanks to our partnership with Nottingham Trent University.

If you’re aged under 19, cheaper rates are available on Everyday and Anyday cards.

Season Tickets on Uni ID Cards:

Travel counts down each day:

  • 7 days unlimited travel: £14.45
  • Month (31 days) unlimited travel: £46.75
  • Academic Year: Special price available at the start of the year.

Easyrider Anyday:

Days are deducted only on the days travelled. These passes are valid on buses within Nottingham only.

  • Any 5 days: £14.45 (£2.89 per day)
  • Any 10 days: £28.05 (£2.81 per day)
  • Any 20 days: £52.70 (£2.64 per day)