School and College Academic Passes

Academic Year Pass

Getting to school or college is easy with NCT, thanks to our great network of bus services throughout Nottingham. We also serve East Leake Academy and The Minster School in Southwell too. 

Our friendly drivers will help you get to lessons, with all buses fitted with CCTV for your added safety, and many with USB charging points to keep your devices topped up as well.

The NCTX Buses app is a must have - it lets you plan journeys, see in real time where your buses are and check your bus timetables. Download it from your APP Store now.

NCT offers cashless ways to travel to school or college, giving added reassurance to parents and guardians that your child can always get to and from school.

Plan your journey to School or College here.

Academic Year Pass - from just 87p per day!

One off payment, offering unlimited travel all day, every day from 1st September 2023 to 31st July 2024.

Valid at the weekends and during school holidays too.

  • £289 for travel on NCT Buses in Nottingham 
  • £469 for travel on NCT Buses in Nottingham and the Outer Zone (East Leake Academy and The Minster School require this pass)

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Here's where to buy from 21st August 2023 (see below for proof of age requirements):

If you haven't purchased an Under 19 pass from us before, we require proof of age to be presented at the time of purchase for the first issue. 

Buy online or on our NCTX Buses app, where you can upload your proof of age, which can include a passport, driving licence or any other valid ID under the PASS scheme. Once purchased, click on 'Get Verified' where you’ll be asked to upload a selfie and then how you would like to verify your account. We strongly recommend you select online verification which will trigger an email inviting you to upload your proof of entitlement. Your account is usually verified within 24 hours.

If you don't have photo ID, you can visit our Travel Centre, who will accept a birth certificate, medical card or letter from your school that confirms your date of birth.

Any application for a refund must be made within 12 months of the purchase date of the ticket or pass, except in the case of special academic products, which must be made by 31st March within the Academic Year of purchase.


Easyrider is a convenient, pre-paid smart travel card which provides travel across the NCT network and is the cheapest way to travel on NCT buses.

Alongside our Academic Year pass, you can also buy shorter periods of travel, such as a week or month at a time, or buy individual days in bulk.

Find out more here.

Easyrider Purse

Pay per trip or day with Easyrider Purse - £1.60 single or £3.00 all day in the City Zone.

An electronic purse that you can top up with credit and then use to pay for any fare across the City Zone and Outer Zone

  • Top up in multiples of £5
  • A convenient, cashless way to pay
  • Can be used to buy any fare on the bus

Find out more here.


Contactless is the convenient, cashless way to pay for your NCT bus travel.

Pay per trip or day - £1.60 single or £3.00 all day in the City Zone.

When boarding the bus, please remove your contactless card from your wallet or purse to avoid card clash.

  • Let the driver know you want to pay using contactless card before placing your card or device on the reader
  • Let the driver know which ticket you want to pay for e.g. an Under 19 all day ticket. 
  • Wait for the card reader to show Please present your card (if you tap before this message, you will be charged a Contactless Tap & Go fare).
  • Place your card or device on the reader to pay
  • Take your ticket or tickets

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College and Accommodation Providers

This is to apply for a travel pass that is being provided by your accommodation provider, school, college or local council.

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